Thursday, March 20, 2014

Helvetica Movie

Type can convey mood
Helvetica was the type of the Vietnam  war
Typography was broken after the grunge period
Helvetica is popular

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Gestalt Research

Darion Bealsey Digital Foundation
Gestalt principles
Closure occurs when an object is incomplete or a space is not completely enclosed. If enough of the shape is indicated, people percieve the whole by filling in the missing infomation.
Although the panda above is not complete, enough is present for the eye to complete the shape. When theviewer's perception completes a
, closure occurs.
I chose closure because I think its cool and is the best principle in my eyes. I really like how it plays tricks on your eyes. Our mind
reacts to closure. Like in the picture above. I see a ball with spikes. But the spikes are the only things indicated in the picture.
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Paper toy Photos

Project 1

The first project was very simple, but also very time consuming. My first project to me approxematly 6 hours to complete. I did learn many new skills while completing this project. I created a self portrait by using tiny blocks in illustrator.

Paper toy

I really enjoyed the paper toy project. It was something new that I never would have attempted if I did not take digital foundation. This project helped me develop new skills in illustrator. I learned an entire new program with in one project. This project took the most thought and skill out of all the projects so far this year. To start off I had to come up with a design on paper. This took me at least two days to come up with a good theme and structure design. Once I took my design from paper and brought it into illustrator, then I had a hard time figuring out tools did what. But, I slowly caught on. I am impressed with my finish product and I feel that it as very original.