Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Artist research Shafer

Shafer’s painting The Study For Truckee Meadows is very interesting to me because of the many elements and structure she used. This piece has such a great sense of space. It is very contrasted and colorful. I really like the abstract/realistic style Shafer has in most of her landscape paintings. Her style is one of a kind and cannot be replicated.
            This painting has a great sense of space. It feels like u can walk into the painting and actually interact with the objects in it. All the components in this piece seem to have distance between them. It really creates depth and plays a big part in the significance of a piece.
            Also, this painting is very contrasted and colorful. Each stroke of line is very distinct and different from the other. The combination of colors she chose was a good choice. This piece if very pleasing to the eye and, very interesting to look at. The soft but bold strokes she used make the piece look very organic.
            I really like the abstract/realistic style Shafer has in this painting. The combination of both style creates an interesting composition. This is rarely done in landscape paintings so when a person sees it, it is something to really to look at. The way she creates depth and she uses reflection, it really creates an atmosphere.

            Shafer is a creative and one of a kind artist. She is very experimental and not afraid to do things differently than the way its traditional way. Shafer is also very inspiring to me. Her style is so unique that no one for replicate her art by hand. Even though this is my first encounter with her art she has definitely made her mark on me.

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